Bill Lewis Pro Team

    “The Cajun Baby”

    Cliff Crochet

    Growing up in the Atchafalaya Basin in southeast Louisiana, Crochet cut his teeth fishing the swamps and bayous. He became the youngest-ever Louisiana State B.A.S.S. Federation Nation Champion in 2006 earning the name “Cajun Baby”, and set his eyes on fishing professionally.  From 2007 to 2009 Cliff competed in the Bassmaster Open series and qualified for the 2010 Bassmaster Classic and an invitation to fish in the Bassmaster Elite Series.

    Since his start on the Elite Series, Cliff has continued to develop his trade and increased his career B.A.S.S. earnings to $444,578.  He has also competed in the Bassmaster Open series notching a championship victory  in 2016. Lookout for the Cajun Baby on Major League Fishing now, as he takes his talents to that tour in 2019.

    Major League Fishing Angler Profile and Stats


    Mark Daniels Jr.


    Born and raised fishing on the California Delta, Daniels has thrown a Rat-L-Trap nearly all his life. In fact, the ‘Trap is his father’s favorite lure. Now living in Tuskegee, AL, Mark is pursuing his passion fishing on the Major League Fishing, Bass Pro Tour. “MDJ” is considered one of the most dangerous up and coming anglers. He can show up and win anytime, anywhere as he proved in the summer of 2018 winning a Bassmaster Elite Series event on a lake he had never fished in South Dakota.

    Daniels has developed a huge following on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. He strives to connect with the youth of our sport this way. 

    Major League Fishing Angler Profile and Stats


    Boyd Duckett

    Boyd Duckett can lay claim to one of the most impressive “rookie” seasons in the history of professional bass fishing. Duckett won the 2007 Bassmaster Classic on Lay Lake, Alabama, and then followed that up with a win in Bassmaster Legends events six months later on his first full year on tour. Duckett, the co-founder of Major League Fishing, has registered four wins, 23 Top 10s and more than $1.7 million in career winnings.

    Boyd has relied on the Rat-L-Trap for decades, and doesn’t hesitate to call it one of his all time favorite lures.

    Major League Fishing Angler Profile and Stats


    Dicky Newberry

    Newberry has arguably won more money fishing a Rat-L-Trap in Texas tournaments than any other angler.  No question, He is a certified Texas Trap master.

    Major League Fishing Angler Profile and Stats


    Nick LeBrun

    Calling northwest Louisiana home, Lebrun has quickly earned respect from his pro-fishing piers. Mark Daniels Jr. has picked Nick as one to watch out for. After winning the BFL All American event in 2018, Lebrun has taken his skills to the FLW Tour for his Rookie Season in 2019. In the first event on tour this year Lebrun had an impressive 2nd Place finish. Keep an eye on this guy. 

    Major League Fishing Angler Profile and Stats

    chris ma=ccall

    Chris McCall

    Known for being one of the Texas ‘Trap Masters, Chris McCall has won more than one major tournament with almost nothing but a Rat-L-Trap. Don’t be surprised if you find McCall’s boat deck covered with up to 6 rods, all with different colors of Rat-L-Traps tied on.
    Chris has been instrumental in the design of numerous color patterns for Rat-L-Trap. Most recently, he helped to develop the Big Bones Series of ‘Traps.

    Major League Fishing Angler Profile and Stats


    Brock Mosley

    Growing up in the small town of Collinsville, Ms.  Brock’s father owned a Ranger Dealership in his hometown when he was a kid and growing up all he ever wanted to do was be a Professional Fisherman. 

    Brock transferred to Ole Miss to finish his education and started fishing BFL’s and Everstarts. His second year at Ole Miss, he was asked to join the Ole Miss Fishing team where he was able to win the 2011 Southeast BASS Regional on the Alabama River. At that time he realized he had a shot at making his ultimate goal of fishing the Elite Series.


    Bassmaster Angler Profile and Stats


    Brett Preuett

    Brett Preuett attended college at the University of Louisiana Monroe where he earned a MBA and competed three years with the University fishing team.  He has 21 top 10 college tournament finishes and is the only college angler to win both the BASS and FLW College Fishing National Championships.  Brett has fished many tournaments including the Bassmaster Classic and the FLW Cup.  In 2015, he finished 12th overall in the Northern Opens and 8th overall in the Central Opens.  In addition to his own fishing, Brett volunteers his time to help children learn to fish and tend to his Cattle Ranch (B&B Ranching of Quachita, LLC).  For 2021, Brett will be fishing on the Bassmaster Elite Series Tour.  

    Bassmaster Angler Profile and Stats



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    Capt. Mick Maynard with a Giant Small Mouth caught on a Super Natural Rat-L-Trap (RT290-American Shad).